SPACEBEL & STAC Browser for Enhanced Remote Sensing Data Management

SPACEBEL has a long-standing expertise in developing Space imagery access and dissemination infrastructure involving several interfaces and metadata formats.

In this context, SPACEBEL has supported the development and evolution of the STAC Browser, i.e. an open-source web interface for browsing and searching STAC-compliant catalogues. STAC (Spatio Temporal Asset Catalog) is a framework for the description and access to geospatial data offering increased interoperability of search tools and easier acquisition of information.

The release of the latest STAC Browser version 3.1.0 is now a fact. The application has been enhanced by Matthias Mohr – Softwareentwicklung (Germany), with additional functionality and user-friendliness.  SPACEBEL is proud to have supported the tool’s recent evolution (as part of a  contract with the European Space Agency), along with other sponsors including Radiant Earth (USA), National Resources Canada and Planet (USA).

Our input to the current STAC Browser release concerns the integration and interoperability testing of the “STAC collection search extension” and “STAC filter extension” including CQL2 support, with the SPACEBEL FedEO catalogue software.  This will enable, amongst other, an improved interoperability of the ESA EO-CAT and CEOS FedEO Earth observation catalogues that we are developing for ESA and that are being upgraded into fully STAC compatible systems, seamlessly accessible by open-source tools such as STAC Browser.

More details and to download the STAC Browser software:

new illustration SPACEBEL & STAC Browser for Enhanced Remote Sensing Data Management