SPACEBEL Secures a Significant Space Rider Contract

ESA’s first reusable Space transportation system named Space Rider will carry SPACEBEL technology following the signing of an agreement with AVIO (Italy), Prime contractor of Europe’s future re-entry vehicle.

In continuation of a longstanding cooperation in the frame of the Vega launcher, SPACEBEL supports AVIO in the design and development of the Space Rider flight software for the attitude and vernier orbital module including the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety aspects. We are also in charge of the Software Validation Facility meant to test and validate our on-board IT products.

In 2023, a Vega-C rocket will carry the Space Rider and its payloads up to 800 kg from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou (French Guyana) into Low Earth orbit where they will accomplish a variety of 2-month missions before returning to Earth. After each flight, the unmanned vehicle about the size of two minivans will be refurbished and prepared for its next voyage with the payloads safely stowed in its cargo bay.

The purposes of the innovative Space laboratory are manifold ranging from experiments in microgravity over in-orbit technology demonstration and validation of applications related to robotic exploration, Earth observation, science and telecommunications to monitoring activities and satellite inspection. They will benefit research in biology, biomedicine, pharmaceutics and physical science.

Watch the Space Rider animation clip for a better understanding of this high-tech masterpiece to which SPACEBEL is bringing its expertise and knowledge.

new illustration SPACEBEL Secures a Significant Space Rider Contract