SPACEBEL Looking into Satellite Cybersecurity with ESA

Thanks to a new General Support Technology Programme contract with ESA and the support of BELSPO, SPACEBEL will deploy a prototype demonstrating cyber resilient ground segment solutions meant to potentially become the standard for future ESA missions and even Newspace missions.

For many years, SPACEBEL has been a key player in the evolution of the ESA Common Software Infrastructure. We have been bringing our expertise to the industrial consortium in charge of the development of the new European Ground Systems Common Core (EGS-CC), i.e. the European infrastructure for Monitoring and Control of Space Systems with a perspective of long-term service and continuous extensions.

SPACEBEL will now test the latest version of the EGCS-CC software in our satellite simulator while adding a cybersecurity dimension in cooperation with CYSEC. This proof of concept has to address the growing urge to safeguard Space infrastructure from cyber threats. Especially mission control centres are vulnerable assets as they support the real-time operation of Space missions and services through the telemetry and telecommand management for satellite control.

Fact is: we rely every day on satellites and Space based applications for several services such as navigation, broadcasting, weather forecasting, Earth monitoring etc. Hence the need for new technology to keep Space data safe from any kind of disruption or harmful intrusion due to cyber attacks.
This new project should enable us to provide an adequate response to this challenging issue.

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new illustration SPACEBEL Looking into Satellite Cybersecurity with ESA