SPACEBEL Fascinated by the October 2022 Solar Eclipse

The partial solar eclipse on October 25th 2022 dazzled millions of skygazers around the globe.
It was visible to observers across most of Europe, as well as large parts of Northeast Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia.
During this impressive spectacle, the moon partially obscured the sun. In Western Europe, it appeared to be some 15-40% blocked out, as if the sun had a bite taken out of it.
A solar eclipse occurs during the phase of the new moon when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun.

The next eclipse near us – similar to the recent one – will happen on March 29th 2025. To witness a total eclipse in Belgium, you will have to wait until September 23rd 2090... !

ESA’s Sun-watching Proba-2 – with the entire package of software developments realized by SPACEBEL – spotted the recent solar eclipse from Space twice.

For several years, SPACEBEL has been largely contributing to various sun observation satellites: Picard (CNES), Proba-2 (ESA) and Proba-3 (ESA).

new illustration SPACEBEL Fascinated by the October 2022 Solar Eclipse

©D. Torette/SPACEBEL