PrestoDecom: 20 Years and Still Serving Simulation

PrestoDecom, one of our famous simulation tools developed for and in cooperation with CNES is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Originally conceived for the Proteus spacecraft platform, it has already been used in the frame of some 20 different projects and platforms in and outside CNES, amongst other Pléiades, Calipso, Corot, Jason, Smos, Picard, Galileo… to which SPACEBEL has been bringing our software engineering expertise at various levels.   
Moreover, PrestoDecom has been integrated in the control centres for the Proteus, Myriade, Pléiades and Galileo satellites. CNES Ground segment IVQ (Integration Verification and Qualification) activities for the IASI-NG instrument also rely on it, through its integration into RISE.

Thanks to a longstanding experience and continuous interaction with the user community, this PrestoTool has constantly been gaining maturity and user-friendliness.

Our Modelling & Simulation team in Toulouse has recently honoured the success of this highly appreciated software product with an informal graduation ceremony and a colourful cake matching the PrestoDecom logo.

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new illustration PrestoDecom: 20 Years and Still Serving Simulation