ForEOSt – An Innovative SPACEBEL Solution to Improve Forest Management

The final review of our ForEOSt (Forest Earth Observation Services) project in the presence of ESA and BELSPO representatives proved very successful.

Initiated in May 2022, ForEOSt is an ESA demonstration initiative focussing on enhanced and sustainable forest management and developed by SPACEBEL as prime contractor in cooperation with Timbtrack and DNF (Walloon Department of Nature & Forests) as end-users.

Against the backdrop of global warming and biodiversity loss, forest ecosystems play a major role, hence the importance of forest management at local, regional, and national levels.

ForEOSt is a fine example of our expertise in remote sensing data processing using advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence.             
Based upon satellite and airborne data in combination with in-situ information, ForEOSt involves the monitoring of 200.000 ha of forest ranging from large areas to small parcels in Europe, South America and Africa in order to study species inventories at various levels and forest change detection due to logging, disease outbreaks, storms etc. The pilot cases carried out with our international partners, have allowed us to analyse and interpret a variety of datasets, which have led to an array of diverse services.

All ForEOSt services are accessible through the FedEO Catalogue of servers and open-source STACBrowser set up by our Remote Sensing Data Management colleagues.

The new digital solution is of great interest to all stakeholders who are closely or remotely connected with forestry whether authorities, industries, associations or private owners.

Read more about our Earth observation Applications in general and forestry services in particular.

More information on ForEOSt is available here and on the dedicated website: 

new illustration ForEOSt – An Innovative SPACEBEL Solution to Improve Forest Management