Big Applause from SPACEBEL for Successful Vega-C Maiden Flight

On July 13th at 15:13 CEST, ESA’s new medium-lift Vega-C rocket left the European Spaceport in Kourou (French Guinea) for its inaugural flight VV21. The launch of the 35m tall four-stage rocket went smoothly putting its main payload LARES-2, a scientific satellite of the Italian space agency (ASI) into orbit.

Also built by Avio the single body Vega-C launcher features increased performance and competitiveness offering more launches and reaching more orbits. Based upon the existing Vega launch vehicle, the new rocket can carry payloads of different shapes and sizes – from 1kg to 2300 kg.

For many years, SPACEBEL has been a valued industrial partner of the Vega launcher. On this special day, we address our warm congratulations to the entire Vega-C team.

Ongoing configuration developments will broaden Vega-C capacities to cover in-orbit operations and return missions using ESA's future Space Rider reentry vehicle to which SPACEBEL is also bringing our expertise.

Relive Vega-C's first launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnijRbDBxZE

new illustration Big Applause from SPACEBEL for Successful Vega-C Maiden Flight