Modelling & Simulation

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The following tasks are proposed and shall be updated whenever needed:The following tasks are proposed and shall be updated whenever needed:

  • 1. Analyze the simulation needs in terms of hardware interfaces and software protocols
  • 2. Identify potential solutions compatible with the hardware interfaces (e.g. MCU, Zynq, PCIe …)
  • 3. On one or more potential solutions, verify the hardware compatibility via realistic tests
  • 4. Assess the communication throughput (can we support the requested load)
  • 5. Make an assessment on the identified solutions and propose the one that best suits the needs


Prototyping a smart & configurable solutions for I2C & 1-Wire slaves for satellite testing.

Nanosatellites are now more and more used for implementing space mission in the earth observation and telecommunication domains. These nanosatellites are highly driven by the cost and are based on existing cots compatible with these cost constraints. In the frame of an upcoming project, SPACEBEL is in charge of providing the needed test bench for testing the satellite, either for the on-board software validation, or for the satellite qualification with the ground segment. The satellite being based on low cost busses such as the I2C and the 1-Wire, we are happy to propose a traineeship for analyzing smart solutions allowing to interface these busses in order to simulates all the slaves connected to them. These solution could be based on MCU or on SoM (e.g Zynq based). The outcome should then on one hand be connected to the on-board computer via I2C and 1 Wire busses, and on the other hand, to the satellite simulator via fast Ethernet.


  • C++
  • FPGA
  • MCU
  • Zynq
  • VHDL
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