Minera Escondida: A Copper Mine for SPACEBEL

SPACEBEL has recently won a contract for the follow-up and environmental monitoring of one of Chile’s largest copper mine installations.
Located in the North of Chile in the Atacama Desert and with a surface of 500 km², Minera Escondida stands for the largest production of copper in the world, representing 8 percent of all world production.
Realized from very high resolution satellite images, a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) supplied by Spotimage will be combined by SPACEBEL with Quickbird images (delivered by Digital Globe) using traditional methods of processing.
Minera Escondida being a very dynamic site, it requires a regular environmental follow-up, i.e. every 6 months. Thanks to the 3D products developed by SPACEBEL, the owners of the copper mine will be able to better control their site in terms of environmental management and land slide risk monitoring.
Up ‘till now, this follow-up was carried out through very expensive air photograph campaigns. The solution suggested by SPACEBEL and based on the use of satellite imagery proves definitely more economic.

new illustration Minera Escondida: A Copper Mine for SPACEBEL