SPACEBEL Renewing Cooperation Opportunities with ESOC

The European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), ESA’s main mission control centre located in Darmstadt (Germany), has awarded the extension of  the Ground Segment and Operations frame contract to the qualified industrial consortia including SPACEBEL, for the provision of so-called “Deliverables and industrial support”.

This frame-contract with ESOC is valid until 2026 and covers the following domains: operations engineering, real time operations, missions operations infrastructure IT services, ground stations engineering, data systems, astro-dynamics, end-to-end ground segment engineering.

Already selected as Qualified ESOC Partner in 2010, SPACEBEL is pleased to renew the opportunity to support ESOC on future Space projects and to be able to respond to the challenges resulting from the new service approach at ESOC.

new illustration SPACEBEL Renewing Cooperation Opportunities with ESOC

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